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  • Hi Paul, I'm a Class 2 Registered Design Practitioner. Send me an email at: jamie@jhbd.com.au Or call me on: 0428 766 874. Cheers Jamie Harris ------------------------------ Jamie Harris Jamie Harris Building Design M: 0428 766 874 E: jamie@jhbd.com.au ...

  • I am looking for a Class 2 Architect or designer contact to advise and design on roof coverings, veranda typ and design and remove and replace external stair wells and walk ways. I also need a contact for a Building Certifier. The project is in Newcastle, ...

  • There is also a diagram in the Complying Development SEPP. The SEPP uses the same definistion as the standard instrument, so it is cosnisitent with most LEP's. It would still be advisable to check the relevant LEP if you are lodging a DA as it can sometimes ...

  • Yes, a split level is only one storey - you'd need to have a floor over a floor to be classes as 2 storey. ------------------------------ Jason Klumpp Registered Design Practitioner – Building Design (Medium Rise) BDAA Accredited Building Designer ...

  • So along as the floors don't sit above each other (ie stacked) it's a single story...

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