Dale Barnes

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A dynamic, experienced, and high-performing construction industry professional with extensive experience and a highly comprehensive track record of outstanding performance in various areas, including plumbing and drainage, building design and construction, hydraulic design, building estimation, and customer relations. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my ability to manage and oversee cross-disciplinary projects, facilitating communications between teams and bridging concerns through a comprehensive understanding of the facets of building industry operations.

I possess strong managerial acumen, with a focus on effective human resources, financial management, internal and external communications, training support, customer service delivery, and technical improvements. I am adept at assessing project needs and delivering outcomes that exceed expectations in line with industry standards and legislative compliance requirements. My peers and superiors have recognized me for my skills in sponsoring, leading and managing organizational change. I am equipped with superior communication and stakeholder engagement capabilities as well as exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. I also possess highly transferable skills applicable to general maintenance, design, residential, commercial, industrial, mining, and high-rise construction industries. As a proactive leader skilled in transforming teams, delivering sustainable results, and forging productive relationships, I am highly capable of coordinating an overall strategy to propel the organization to higher peaks of success.

In an environment with constantly changing demands, I stand among leaders who drive the progress of continuous improvement by utilizing superior analytical skills and effective organizational management. I am highly adept at delivering quality improvements and process optimizations to accelerate overall business success. I am a strategic thinker who thrives on being an integral part of planning and direction setting to improve processes; drive performance and growth, achieve positive results and ensure continued success. I am capable of managing manifold programs and projects while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service in every undertaking.