Gilbert Sayegh

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About Me

I was born in Sudan to a family of Expatriates. As a child I travelled the world and was influenced by many cultures and values. As a young adult, after my family migrated to Sydney, I continued my school education and successfully completed my Architecture Degree at
the University of Technology Sydney in 2012.

My passion for Architecture led me to become a partner in a local firm where I was exposed to all scales and fields of architecture and design.

in 2019, with all the valuable experience I gained, I founded Perfect Square Design with a focus on residential development. My passion for changing people's lives and their world drove me to this niche.

My vision is to grow a solid team of talent around me that shares my values and continues to help develop a better service to our clients.

Company Philosophy

We are passionate about creating environments that
enable people to live their best lives and achieve their
greatest potential. Our goal is to improve people's
quality of life through better designed environments,
buildings and developments.

Throughout the ages, the greatest minds sought to
understand the principles and mathematical order of
the universe. What they discovered was that every
geometric shape, every animal, flower, shell, or great
structure can be defined by and follow a strict set of

Perfect Square Design gives tribute to these wonders
and understands the value that nature and law have
over quality in architecture. Our design philosophy is
centred on systems of harmony and proportion.

Thus comes our passion for perfection in everything we
do. We believe that every space – no matter the scale –
deserves quality, proportion and harmony.